Once an Outlaw, Always an Outlaw!!

WNY Outlaws Training Center

About Us

  • Outlaw All-Stars will begin our 15th year with the 2014-2015 season. We are the longest running and most consistent program in WNY. Our organization has grown from just one team of 20 to our most recent season of Seventeen (17) teams! During our 2013-2014 season, we had 275 athletes in our program and have grown to 3 locations!!
  • No matter how large we get, our athletes and families will tell you that one of the best parts of being an Outlaw All-Star Cheerleader is the family environment. We truly are ONE FAMILY, ONE TEAM, regardless of the size of our organization. We've been lucky to keep this focus, even when our program continues to grow. This accomplishment is due in part to the amazing support of our families, outstanding and professional coaching staff and the work of our owner/managers who support the needs of the parents so coaches can worry about the important task of coaching your sons and daughters! We believe in letting managers MANAGE and coaches COACH!!  This philosophy has led to a very successful program with a track record spanning over 15 years!


Lori Sauers 716-471-8167  email: lori@WNYOutlawAllstars.com

Nicole Becker 716-418-2099

Jarran Shockley 1-304-790-0057